Welcome to Hotel Isidora

Welcome to Hotel Isidora. At 12th kilometers east of Alexandroupolis and just 7 kilometers from the airport Democritus, is located the hotel Isidora. In a wonderful area, next to the thermal springs baths of ancient Traianoupolis, you will find a fully renovated hotel with family specifications.

Have pleasant family holiday and be sure that our friendly attitude and all the benefits of our hotel, will make you feel like your home.

You can combine your stay with themal springs baths, at new modern facilities, which are officially recognized by the Greek state for their healing properties and are considered among the most important in our country.

Do not miss the tour to the worldwide famous and protected by treaty Ramsar, Evros River Delta, with rare flora and fauna.

Hunting enthousiasts come to theri paradise. There is specialized tour and an indication of the main hunting areas and passes, while you can buy hunting equipment 24 hours a day.

Hotel Isidora, waiting for you all the year and wishing you a pleasant stay.


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Hotel Isidora - 12th Km Alexandroupolis - Border, Traianoupolis Thermal Springs, 68100, Alexandroupolis

Τel.: +30 25510 61206, E-Mail: info@hotelisidora.gr